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Party Game -Who Am I?


Who Am I is a social party game for 2+ players. Play it with friends and family whereever you want!The app includes 12 categories; ☆ Movie Stars☆ Historical Persons☆ Celebrities ☆ Sports Stars☆ Cartoons☆ Animals☆ Superheroes☆ Movies ☆ Germans☆ Series ☆ Pokémons with over 700 names!- each including up to 50 unique names for you to enjoy.☆ Custom category - you choose the name. Write a name and hand the phone to the other player! :)
- More categories will be added ! ;-)
Do you know the rules of Charades? These are very much alike!
How to play:Choose from one of the four categories. When ready, click the 'Click me'-button and place the phone at your forehead. After 5 seconds a random name from the chosen category will appear on the screen. Now you start asking questions about your character. Do only ask "yes/no" questions like "Do I live in America?" or "Am I a girl?". When you've asked 10 questions you have to make a guess! There is no time limit so feel free to take your time ;-)
No annoying phonetilting to mark right/wrong answers, simply just press the buttons at the bottom of the screen, and keep track of your score from the 'Categorie page' - That is smart!
- Feel free to make up your own rules, there are no restrictions! :-) It is all up to you how you want to play.Also supports Danish names - just select language from the main page!